Rent Rolls Royce Drophead cabriolet

Rent Rolls Royce Drophead cabriolet
Hourse power:460 h.p.
0-100 km/h : 5.8 sec
Max speed : 240 km / h
Daily Price From : 2 900 €

Drophead Cabriolet is one of the versions of the famous luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom sedan. The model was introduced in 2007 for the first time, and since then it has attracted the attention of luxury and chic fans all over the world. The sliding roof of the car easily turns it into a convertible; a rather considerable size and smooth lines of the body resemble a “wheeled yacht”. By the way, the designers were inspired by racers, when they developed the outside appearance of a new car.

Outside appearance and package

It’s easy to recognize the traditional Rolls-Royce, if you simply have a look at it. It has the same outlines, familiar design elements, a wide grille, massive headlights and an extended body. But there are changes as well. The car became more aggressive, “predatory”. The usual angularity was replaced by streamlining and smoothness.

Inside, everything is as one expects it to be. It is classy. There are expensive upholstery materials, handwork, the perfect balance between luxury and convenience. However, modern trends weren’t ignored by the designers. The cabriolet has powerful electronic fittings (an on-board computer, a multimedia system, a rear park system, etc.). All these things make the Rolls Royce Drophead Cabriolet rental more comfortable.


Rolls-Royce cars have always been different from others not only in their appearance, but in considerable power as well. Drophead model is no exception – it has a powerful 6.7-liter V12 petrol engine under the hood; its output is 460 hp. This enables a rather big car (weighing about 2500 kg) to speed up to a hundred kilometers per hour in only 5.8 seconds, and hold pace on the freeway up to 240-260 km/h. The eight-speed automatic transmission ensures smooth ride and ease of steering; it saves fuel consumption as well. The Rolls Royce Drophead Cabriolet rental is always the right choice.

Rolls Royce Drophead Cabriolet – a perfect choice out of the upper class cars for riding the streets of Monaco. You can feel absolutely confident about the power of this car.  The elegant design will become a bright addition to your style. Rolls Royce Drophead Cabriolet rental at MC Luxury Rental will surely bring you pleasure and unparalleled experience.

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Rent price

1-3 days 3 200 €
4-7 days 3 000 €
8+ days 2 900 €
Franchise 30 000 €
Included km/day 150 km
Extra Kms 10 €