Rent Porsche Panamera S

Rent Porsche Panamera S
Hourse power:310 h.p.
0-100 km/h : 6.3 sec
Max speed : 259 km / h
Daily Price From : 560 €

Panamera S is a relatively new sports car by Porsche (serial production and sales started in 2009), which is distinguished by its aggressive design, powerful fittings and stylish interior design. The model was named after Carrera Panamericana races, in which the company’s cars showed good results. The car immediately found its customers – over 25 thousand cars were sold in the first year solely, and in the future it became even more popular. It comes in several modifications – Panamera S, 4S and Turbo (the most powerful of the modifications).

Design and equipment

The outside appearance of Panamera is distinctly sporty – a streamlined body, a rounded roof, large LED lights embedded in the body, a light strip at the rear and a retractable spoiler that is used to create supplementary pressure while speeding.

The interior complements the general image of ​​the car – sports leather seats, a dashboard is stylized for racing cars, where a special space is given to a speedometer and tachometer. In addition, multimedia is presented as well – a large 12-inch screen and small touch panels for map presentation and virtual instruments, a powerful sound. The Porsche Panamera S rental is an affordable option for those who have always dreamed of driving a race car.


The technical part of the car is provided by a four-liter petrol twin-turbo engine. The special design of the fuel injection system and the exhaust of exit gases improves the torque without increasing fuel consumption. The total engine power is 440-620 hp, depending on the model. The car speeds up to a hundred kilometers per hour in 4.5 seconds, the top speed is almost 300 km/h. At the same time, the Porsche Panamera S rental is also safe, due to the advanced driver and passenger safety systems.

The car in which power is just as important as efficiency.  Due to smart engineering the vehicle gives more power output together with significantly lower fuel consumption. Panamera was specially designed for driving pleasure and long journeys, for four occupants and their luggage. So that would be a perfect choice for any purpose trip to Europe. MC Luxury Rental will offer you the best terms and price and the rental procedure will be simple and easy.

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Rent price

1-3 days 650 €
4-7 days 600 €
8+ days 560 €
Franchise 8 000 €
Included km/day 150 km
Extra Kms 4 €