Rent Mini Cooper cabriolet

Rent Mini Cooper cabriolet
Hourse power:122 h.p.
0-100 km/h : 10.5 sec
Max speed : 198 km / h
Daily Price From : 180 €

Virtually everyone who is interested in cars knows this baby-car BMW Mini. Despite its decent size, it can boast of serious technical characteristics. At the same time, it has minimal fuel consumption and a very attractive design. Mini Cooper cabriolet is a new round in the development of the original model. Now you can add freshness to travelling in the warm season just unfolding the roof of the car. As for the rest, it is the good old Mini with its obvious advantages.

Design and package

It’s needless to describe the design of Mini – everyone, who has ever seen this car, will remember its outside appearance forever. Unlike other mini-cars, which are similar to each other, this car has its own features of character, and it can’t be mistaken for others. The brand color range is kept – classic and unusual colors, which can’t be offered by other manufacturers, are available.

However, if you look closer at Cooper cabriolet, you’ll notice that, in addition to the sliding roof, it has got some cosmetic changes – there is another form of headlights, and a slightly modified radiator grille. There are innovations inside as well – steering wheel illumination, a modified dashboard, upgrades in the electronic fittings, including options for handling the roof. In any case, the Mini Cooper cabriolet rental will bring pleasure to everyone.


Although the petrol engine of the baby-car has a decent power of 136 hp, it can speed up to 210 km/h, and speeding up to a hundred kilometers per hour takes only 7.5 seconds. At the same time, the fuel consumption, as always, is minimal – only 4-5 l/100 km. Great news is that there is a choice now – either an automatic or manual transmission is available. You can choose the one you like more. If you need a stylish, compact and economical car, the Mini Cooper cabriolet rental is the right choice.

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Rent price

1-3 days 250 €
4-7 days 200 €
8+ days 180 €
Franchise 4 000 €
Included km/day 150 km
Extra Kms 2 €