Rent Mercedes S coupé

Rent Mercedes S coupé
Hourse power:455 h.p.
0-100 km/h : 4.6 sec
Max speed : 250 km / h
Daily Price From : 1 500 €

Mercedes S-class cars are the most luxurious and functional in the company’s product range. All the newest technologies are introduced there at first. S coupe is a classy coupe of the executive class, which has almost no analogues among other brands. The designers of the German automaker did their best to make the owners of Mercedes S coupe feel the advantages of their premium choice to the full, taking care of both the design and the technical fittings of the car.

Design and package

Glancing at the S coupe outside appearance, it’s quite clear that this is a premium-class car. No compromise here – only the best materials, the perfect fitting up and the design thoroughly thought through. The main feature of the car is an aggressive radiator grille, elongated front lights and large, noticeable bonnet vents. Large alloy wheels fit into the overall design perfectly.

The interior design matches the exterior. Luxurious self-adjusted leather seats, expensive fittings and design elements, a stylish dashboard create the atmosphere of comfort and luxury. The picture is completed by the wood inserts that make the interior more sophisticated. The Mercedes S coupe rental is for people who appreciate convenience and comfort.


Of course, the developers paid much attention to the technical fittings. The car has V-shaped 8-cylinder 6 liter (standard version) or 5.5 liter (AMG) engine, which enables to obtain power of 219 and 242 hp correspondingly. The proprietary 4matic technology, providing all-wheel drive with load balancing while driving, is responsible for the transmission. If you can’t stand compromises, Mercedes S coupe is just what you need.

Mercedes S coupe is a right choice if high quality, reliability and design are your priorities during the journey. This car embodies prestige and elegancy and will perfectly complement your stay in Monaco or any other place in Europe. Get an uncomparable pleasure and vivid emotions. Mercedes S Coupe rental is sure to make your trip comfortable and chic. And with MC Luxury Rental luxury cars hire procedure becomes simple and quick.

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Стоимость аренды

1-3 days 1 700 €
4-7 days 1 600 €
8+ days 1 500 €
Franchise 15 000 €
Included km/day 150 km
Extra Kms 6 €